About Us

MakeMyPCFaster.com was started in 2007 to help PC users everywhere speed up their PC and optimize its performance. With the ever increasing loads put on your PC these days-it takes very little time until your PC no longer functions like the day when you took it out of the box. We started this site looking for ways to clean the clutter out of our computers and speeding up their overall performance.

What we found was that outdated device drivers and a corrupted Windows Registry were the main culprits in degrading the performance of our computers. Outdated device drivers prevent hardware on the PC from performing at 100% and even cause compatibility issues between new software and hardware installed on the same PC. We have tested all the driver update utilities available and have found Driver Detective to be the best in overall ease of use, availability of drivers and support. Driver Detective is a web application which is easy and quick to install and the actual scan takes only a few seconds. You can have your device drivers updated in a matter of minutes-no other application matches this speed!

After outdated device drivers the next biggest issue is the Windows Registry which needs to be constantly monitored and analyzed for missing, obsolete and corrupt entries. RegCure will look at your registry and search out for failed installations, incomplete uninstalls, spyware and disabled drivers and in less than 2 minutes RegCure will repair your PC errors and have your PC up and running in tip top shape again!

MakeMyPCFaster.com has done all the hard work for you and after extensive testing and months of trial and errors we have decided to recommend Driver Detective and RegCure to our friends. We are certain you will find that these utilities outperform comparable programs and your PC will run like the day when you took it out of the box!