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Four HP Printer Error Problems & Solutions

While HP printers are known for their speed and reliability, even the most advanced of them encounter problems from time to time. Whether it is the infamous paper jam, mis-feeds, ink smearing, ghosting or mysterious printer error messages, these issues can really get in your way and prove to be productivity killers. Experiencing downtime with your HP printer can be very frustrating, but these four tips should help out in your troubleshooting endeavors.

1.) Paper Jam

The most common problem inflicted on any brand of printer is the dreaded paper jam. This is one issue that can occur for a number of reasons but in most cases, it has something to do with the construction of the actual machine. For example, different HP inkjet models have rollers situated in different locations. What this essentially means is that you could either have an easy or difficult time reaching the offending rollers when trying to remove the trapped paper causing the jam. Regardless of where the rollers are located in the machine, you should always pull the paper out in the same direction as the path it will be printed out in. Pulling it the wrong way could cause the paper to rip and also damage your HP printer.

2.) Ink Issues

If you have printed several documents after recently changing your printer cartridge, you may notice that the ink begins to appear faded, even though only a handful of pages have actually gone through. When this problem occurs, the first step you should take is cleaning the heads of your HP printer. We recommend that refer to the manual for specific details on how to perform this action on your particular printer. If this only temporarily fixes the issue or doesn’t solve it at all, you should return and replace the cartridge as this is the likely culprit.

3.) Bad or Outdated Printer Drivers

If you want to enjoy all the functionality your HP printer has to offer, then you need to have the correct driver installed for that particular machine. If you do not, some of the features may not work correctly or the printer might not function at all. Locating the appropriate drivers online can be difficult when you don’t know where to look. Luckily, there are 3rd party utilities such as Driver Detective that can get the HP drivers you need in just a few clicks.

4.) Printer Error Messages

If you receive a printer error message every time you try to print, it is recommended that you perform simple troubleshooting steps, like the ones above, rather than instantly assuming there is a problem with your HP printer. In addition, you should make sure the device is properly connected and turned on. It would also be wise to check the printer settings to be sure that you have selected the correct device from the printer menu. Unless your HP printer has exhausted its life span, getting it back on track is often as easy as a little troubleshooting.