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How do I fix a system registry error?

I have a system registry error and need to restore my registry without reinstalling windows all over again and if I do need to reinstall it I do not want everything that is on the CD disc and do not want to lose the files I have on there now. Please help.

Windows users can use System Restore to reload their Windows Registry. It is possible for you to restore your registry only if you have not successfully booted into Windows since your problem occurred. Select a date before the problem occurred and choose that as the restore point. You will not lose files, but it always a good idea to back them up routinely.

If this doesn't work you can reinstall Windows into its current directory which will usually repair a corrupt version of Windows and does not require reloading your programs. It may or may not repair your registry. My best advice is to try running the free trial RegAce System Suite utility to identify the registry problem and replace files.