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How to speed up your PC startup or boot up process?

Why does it take so long for my computer to start up? If you have been asking this question you are not alone. Many users experience this with new and old PCs alike, there is no short answer, but by following these steps you can eliminate a lot of time it takes your PC to start.

Delete any programs that run at start up that you don’t use.

Go to My Computer, double-click the C: hard drive, double-click Documents and Settings, open your user folder (sometimes called admin), open Start Menu, openPrograms, then open the Startup folder. Delete the any programs you don't want to run on start up.

Another way to delete start up programs is by clicking Start, go to All Programs, then mouse over Startup and right-click the name of each program to delete and select Delete from the context menu.

Another thing is you might have spyware and helper applications running without your knowledge. You delete these programs by going to Start, go to Control Panel, go to Add or Remove Programs and then removed any unused programs. One other way to help make your PC faster at start up is by downloading and running the free RegAce software, it is fast and indispensable at speeding up your computer.

Another thing you can do to speed up your computer start up procedure is to clear your Recently Opened Documents list. To do this, right-click Start, selectProperties. A new box opens, select the tab that says Start Menu, then click theCustomize button. Click on the Advanced tab then click Clear List. Clear the list of recently opened documents and you may also want to uncheck the box that says “List my most recently opened documents” unless of course you like to use this feature.