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Uninstalling Programs Will Make Your Computer Run Faster

WHY Uninstall? 
The first benefit will be to enable your Computer to run and work faster. Simply stated it is the way you remove unneeded applications and system components. In return, you increase your hard drive space which is necessary for programs to run efficiently and quickly. What happens when you uninstall a program? Uninstalling programs can still leave behind registry keys, files, folders, and menu entries including bits and pieces of the program that was not uninstalled. Many of the leftover files are now Orphan Files, which are files that are no longer needed and serve no purpose. They can be tricky to find and safely delete especially that what you think are orphans are files that are still being used by the DLLs, by more than one application. DLLs are executable files used by windows shared by one or more programs. Over time their accumulation in the registry can cause error messages to appear, slow loading, and system crashes.

How to safely and Efficiently Remove Programs
Before we begin, our first words of warning is NEVER, but NEVER try to remove a program by simply deleting the files or folders associated with that program from Windows Explorer. You may find yourself deleting files from other programs or windows itself. The most common way people remove their programs is through the “Add and Remove Programs” tool that comes with your Windows Operating System. Unfortunately, this application is not a 100% dependable tool because it does not clean out all files associated with the program/s you are removing. The second problem with this application is that many times the uninstall feature for that program has become corrupted. Without any warning, as you click on the program you want to remove, you may receive errors coming up such as “An error occurred while trying to remove program. Uninstallation has been canceled” or “cannot find uninstall file”. This may happen in the beginning or in the middle of the uninstall process. Now you have a more corrupted file.

What Happens Now?
You are left with the unpleasant and tedious task of removing those files manually which can and often lead to more serious problems. You may find yourself unhappily trying to figure out what folders and files are associated with that program. If those files and folders are being shared with another windows program, you will be in trouble if you delete them. A very precarious situation. You can run “regedit” and dare to venture into the unsafe world of the registry, which contains all your system entries along with all hardware and software drivers and DLL recognition sharing. Any file in the registry can be easily deleted or edited by mistake. The result will be devastating with a system crash moments away or a corrupted registry unable to bring your system back to the way it was before. This is undoubtedly a very unsettling picture of events.

It is important to note that even if the “Add and Removal Program” gives you no signs of errors or corruption. You have no way of knowing how many scattered bits of files and information have not been deleted by the application. Imagine how many can accumulate over a short period of time.
If you have decided to go into the registry, what is your comfort zone and knowledge about the registry? Do you understand what you are looking at when you are there? Are you willing to risk deleting the wrong files and crashing your system?


We have a solution:

All this knowledge can be overwhelming. What is the point of knowing all the precautions, if there is not a happy ending to this sad story. We all should be able to easily delete our unwanted programs without losing sleep. Calling a Tech is expensive whether by phone or in person. Why should you find yourself hesitating to install the programs that you need and afraid to uninstall the ones that you don’t. Why put yourself at risk losing valuable time and information.

We have worked hard to be able to offer you a solution. Our recommendation is “Perfect Uninstaller”. Perfect Uninstaller was created with you in mind. This application can guarantee that the removal of your programs will be clean, fast and worry free. No scattered data, orphan files, leftover program folders and broken registry keys to worry about. More significantly, you never have to do anything manually again, especially where the registry is concerned. That alone should give you total peace of mind.

What Perfect Uninstaller can do for you?

  • Uninstall / Remove Any Unneeded Application In Your PC
  • Forcibly Remove Unneeded Applications That your own pc Add/Remove Program can't remove
  • Clear registry entries and drivers that the applications leave over
  • Show detailed information of a certain application installed in your computer

Please take a moment and see all the benefits Perfect Uninstaller offers here. The list of benefits will more than convince you that is an app well worth trying.

Removing unwanted program from your computer, should be as easy as getting rid of any unwanted garbage in your home – the question should never be how JUST WHEN