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What can I do about Spam Mail?

What is Spam Mail?

Spam mail is anonymous, unsolicited bulk e-mail. In other words, it is mail that you never requested, and do not want. Remember, you can easily call advertising, political campaign information and many more items spam, the only distinction being you ordered the information. Anonymous: spam is sent with spoofed (a fake) or harvested sender addresses. This helps mask the sender’s address and identity. Spammers make their money on the percentage of people that respond to the e-mail. For spam to be cost-effective, their mailings must be on a high scale. 

I just opened a new e-mail account, and I am receiving spam. I do not understand how.

One of the methods the spammers use is to take an e-mail address such as, and put the emailid part with another domain, such as This approach seems to be effective. This is the reason that you might start getting spam soon after you get a new e-mail address. They also harvest emails with database programs that go throughout the interest and pick up emails addresses from websites. Their methods are endless because they are hungry for business.

What can I do?

There are no 100% spam proof promises anyone can make to you. Spammers use quantity as their weapon. They feel it is their right to send advertisements you do not want. Spammers do not give a choice, they overwhelm you with information hoping someone will eventually get curious. Unfortunately, this mail can be quite offensive and therefore many families want to prevent this from being seen by their children or themselves. The war against spam will be a continuous one, but there are some practical steps you can take:

  • Forward the messages to your IP provider. Let them know you are reporting this as spam. IP Providers want to help trace these unwanted emails, and will set your mailbox not to receive them once reported.
  • Do you use Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook? Learn how to use the junk filter programs that come with these programs. You can choose to delete junk mail automatically or leave it in the junk filter making sure it is junk before deleting. For further help on this, and a how to step-by-step procedure,  please see Microsoft Outlook Junk Filter – or  Outlook Express Junk Filter
  • Free Spam Filters – There are many good spam filters out there. Microsoft has approved this free spam filter called SpamFighter. Download SpamFighter,  now. It works with Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.
  • For Google Mail, Hot Mail and Yahoo Mail. Did you ever set up your Junk and Spam mail properties. Go to the settings for your internet mail and make sure you have your settings set properly. Learn how to create filters to avoid pornography and other offensive mail.
  • Be discreet – do not give out your e-mail address on sites offering free services and software unless those are backed by a name you know and trust. Usually, they sell your e-mail and address to spammers.
  • If you are sharing your computer with the kids, educate them on spam and potentially dangerous websites. Responsibility is a good thing to teach for everyone.

If you follow just some simple rules, you will start to see a difference. Do not be overwhelmed by Spam Mail anymore.