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What is Spyware and Adware?

Everyday more and more computers are infected with Spyware and Adware. Wherever you go on the web, someone is trying to put something on your computer without your knowledge. From placing simple logon cookies, to paid advertising tracking your movements, malicious software has been designed to record your keystrokes and find your passwords. Spyware and Adware are the web’s number one problem.  Many of these programs are dangerous and threaten your online privacy and identity, while slowing down your machine.

Any program that secretly gathers user information through the user's internet connection without his or her knowledge is spyware.  Typically and unfortunately, they are usually bundled with legitimate software that you buy or download, especially in freeware.  Most of the time, it is to watch your activities to see what you are interested in and what you are buying so they can use target advertising.  Spyware can also gather information about e-mail addresses, passwords and credit card numbers. 
These programs can also redirect and change your Web browser's home page or search page, or add other components to your browser you do not need or want.  For the average user, these programs make it very difficult for you to change your settings back to the way you originally had them.

Adware is software that is downloaded to your computer to show you advertisements. These advertisements may take many forms, from banners within a program, to annoying pop-up windows that come up regardless of what program or surfing you are doing in the foreground.  When a program you are using shows ad banners while you are using, “hello adware”.  Unlike spyware, no information is sent back to the advertiser unless you agree to it by filling out some form or asking for more information.

Can Spyware and Adware affect my Computer Performance?
YES!  This can slow down your computer because you have programs you do not know anything about running in the background, maximizing your usage capacity which can cause your computer to crash. Usage capacity is the number of programs your computer can run at once without overloading or freezing.

Are they Dangerous?

YES!  Any program that has the capability of collecting your personal data without your permission or knowledge, should be placed at the top of the danger list and must be removed.  More importantly, both Spyware and Adware should be removed, but removed safely.  Some Adware may be part of a shareware program and once removed, can cause that program not to run.

What is the Safest Way to remove these Malicious Threats?

Simply download Pareto Logic Anti-Spyware and it will examine your computer and define which items are Spyware so you can safely remove them.

Just a few of the benefits of Pareto Logic Anti-Spyware:

  • Active Protection (Real-Time Blocking) establishes a safeguard that automatically detects a potentially unwanted application that is attempting to download to your computer, alerting you to the threat and providing you with effective blocking options
  • Customizable scanning processes allow you to choose the depth of scan including scanning for running processes, registry entries, files and folders
  • Scrupulous detection and removal of adware, spyware, pop-up ads, keyloggers, trojans, hijackers, malware, and other potentially unwanted applications
  • One of the largest and continually growing definition databases of known and emerging threats in the industry protects ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware users
  • Feature and definition database updates are delivered to you automatically ensuring that you have the very latest in spyware protection
  • Our Backup and Restore feature allows you to restore previously removed items so you never have to worry about inadvertently removing a desirable file
  • Customer Care and Support that is second to none as we consider it a privilege to be of service to you and look forward to being a part of your PC security strategy as we ensure that you are never alone in your endeavor to secure yourself and your PC from spyware

Most of us never think of our personal data, passwords and family pictures, being retrieved or viewed without our permission to total strangers.  But, that is exactly what you will be allowing if you don’t protect your computer now.  It is simple and painless.  Download and Install Pareto Logic Anti-Spyware today.  Protect you and your family now.